Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today is momentous -- it is my little Kylie's third birthday. It is amazing how this extaordinary tot has morphed into the diva of all princesses almost over night. She met us (and anyone who happened to drive down their street at any time yesterday) at the door in her royal attire which included a tutu, crown and magic wand. She was so excited and verbal although I still am not fluent in Kylie-ese but "presents" rang loudly and clearly throughout her kingdom. Forget princess, this child was definitely queen for a day and all those around her were priveleged to serve her and to follow her orders.

She was awed by the many glittery princess-themed items she received, particularly a pair of high heeled sandals which she insisted on wearing and mastered a comical but effective walk that rivaled anyone on the red carpet at the Oscars. Her ensemble of ornate jewelry with long, dangling earrings, very short tutu and the high heels gave me very scary images of what she may consider high fashion in her teens. I'll be very surprised if she shows no interest in drama.

We enjoyed a beautiful purple princess cake that she had specified be chocolate and it was very good. But the first thing she said was, "I wanted yellow cake." That didn't stop her from scoffing down a big piece and I'm glad her mom didn't choke on hers.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrations of life and I am so grateful that I can celebrate Kylie's and Logan's presence in our lives and we'll soon celebrate their little brother or sister's arrival. We all will be delighted with either Colton or Sophie but think it's Sophie. Of course, most of us have been wrong both other times so no money should be placed as bets just yet.

Let the holidays begin since we're already in party mode.