Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Drama -- A True Reality Show

Well, my short trip to the Jersey Shore is history but it was a good trip. It's always fun to get together with my crazy sisters, especially when we're celebrating and are away from our own homes. The girls had rented three houses, with many bodies of adults and children packed in on beds, air matresses, couches and floors.

My niece Kelly offered to host the rehearsal party since the groom's family didn't want to. Kelly's father-in-law, John, is a wonderful caterer who happens to live nearby at the beach. The night of the party, the caterers arrived and put the food into the oven. Apparently, the former tenants had had done some cooking and smoke billowed through the house, setting off all the smoke alarms. It was very hot inside and was raining, with lots of lightning thrown in just to add to the fun. One of the rooms was flooded; they said it was from condensation but I think some sprinklers must have gone off. John had left his team to take care of everything and had gone to visit his dying sister who was in hospice. After the caterers finished serving all the food, they took their equipment and left. A mess remained. Kelly, who is a bit of a drama queen, started shrieking at her sisters to help her and lovely spats resulted and two of her three little kids were crying.

The wedding day was beautiful with clear skies and attitudes were a little sunnier too. The groom and his men arrived by boat at the yacht club where Megan and Kyle were married on the dock. The reception was a lot of fun and yes, we all boogied to We Are Family and lots of other stuff. Megan was the calmest bride I've ever seen. Of course, that may be because she and Kyle were already married. The Archdiocese of New Jersey states that couples have to be wed in a church, so they, along with only their parents went up to Newark where her uncle is a priest and were married at his church a month earlier. Fr. John graciously came down to the shore to do it again without telling anyone that they were watching a repeat performance!

I loved being with all of them but I was happy to come back to my calm life in Lilburn. At least I thought it was calm until I heard about all the drama going on in the library system. The excitement never ends.