Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Max-imum Joy

Say what you will about two-year-olds, they know how to enjoy themselves. Kylie and her little brother Logan visited the library last Saturday so that Kylie could meet her idol, Max of Max and Ruby storybook fame. She sat quietly with me (usually asks "Where's Mama" and "Where's Daddy?" over and over) and listened to the story. She then stood on line with me forever since we seemed to keep ending up at the end of the queue no matter what and was so calm and patient, unlike her grandma who wanted to smack the charming little brat who screamed, "You cutted in, you cutted in" at the top of her lungs. As we got close to Max, she beamed with joy and her little arms shook in excitement. She then let her hero hug her and posed for a picture. If I could figure out how to attach a photo to this I'd do it.

My home computer is dead as a doornail so I use the one at work while I'm on the help line in between calls. One of our callers recently asked me "How much is a circumcision"? And people think my job must be boring!

The excitement didn't end with Max since we all went to eat at Bambinelli's. Thank goodness it was a pretty slow time! Kylie danced around the table (had her first ballet class that morning) twirling spaghetti as if it was streamers. Her mom ordered her ice cream for dessert after her "bites" and it arrived in a wine glass -- idiot wait staff. Her brother, who is the closest thing to a football player any 10-month old could possibly be, wasted no time scooping the ice cream out of the glass until it finally broke. His aunt Keri plopped him onto her lap and he immediately knocked her full glass of water onto her lap and he didn't have one drop on himself. Of course, she was going directly to see her boyfriend too so no chance to change. Luckily, it was very warm out and she dried before she knew it.

My replacements are here so I'll keep you posted on the exhausting -- I mean wonderful -- tales of grandmahood again soon. Toodles for now.