Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lights, Action, Camera

I know you must be sick of hearing about my grandchildren but since the only other funny characters in my life are at the library I find it far more entertaining to talk about my three wild and wooly little ones. Sunday was Baptism day for all three of them at Hope United Methodist Church in Paulding Co.

The pastor introduced them: Kylie was busy modeling her new dress for "her" audience, Logan was screaming bloody murder that he had to be there at all, and Sophie just lay quietly in her mom's arms. Kylie was the first to be anointed and was quite reverent but then lost interest in the ceremony when it was her brother and sister's turn. She went to the edge of the stage, looked up at the lights, fully extended her arms, looked out at everyone with a beatific smile and then yelled, "Grandma, Grandma"! I could totally see her playing Emily in "Our Town."

I retrieved her and we sat for a moment while I assured her that I would attend every play she is ever in and there is no doubt this child will be trying to star in every production her schools ever offer. She wasted no time in running back up to the stage with her family and was totally surprised when the another family took the stage. She and Logan were then happily led to the nursery where she probably recounted her moment of fame and glory in great detail.

It was a good day, a wonderful celebration and a delicious cake made it seem even sweeter!