Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Bit of Celtic Charm

Is there anyone who hasn't seen and heard the Scottish lady, Susan Boyle, who knocked the socks off the judges and audience of "Britain's Got Talent," England's equivalent of American Idol? Just to see the look of shock on Simon Cowell's face and to watch the smug spectators' snide expressions turn to "gobsmacked" looks of awe and admiration was priceless. I rarely buy CD's but I'm definitely purchasing hers when it comes out.

I am such a fan of almost everything Celtic these days. My green roots are showing -- they might be an improvement over the grey ones -- and I'm consumed with reading all kinds of novels set in Ireland and Scotland. Keri and I are planning to take a trip to Ireland and hopefully visit Scotland as well next year -- if she doesn't do something major to change that, like get married!

My parents come from County Carlow, a very small area but where many of our Irish priests in this country went to seminary. We hope to trace my family tree. Apparently, the Irish are very eager to sell you your "history" so it is necessary to bring birth or death certificates along to make sure you get your real family's information. We'll tour some of the big spots like a castle and the Blarney Stone but we are both eager to get to know some of the local folk, which my daughter assures me can be best accomplished by frequent visits to the pubs. Should be an interesting trip -- if we can remember any of the sights.

So, for the time being, may the road rise to meet you ... And when you need to see that the impossible sometimes really does come true, go to youtube to listen to Susan Boyle.