Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Wedding -- It Must Be Summer!

The symbol of summer for our family has once again arrived at our house -- a wedding invitation. Over the last several years, my son and five of my many nieces and nephews have said "I do" in assorted locations: Arizona, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and the Bahamas. A couple were in late spring but most were held during the summer. Megan, my sister Patty's daughter, will be getting married on the Jersey Shore in August. Other families schedule reunions; we usually just do weddings.

These are not simple affairs that last a few hours, but celebrations that continue over a weekend and often longer. The ceremonies are always inspiring and the beautiful receptions seem right out of a Martha Stewart book (and they might be!). My sisters appear elegant, chic and gracious. Until they get to the dance floor. Then, you'd better watch out or they'll mow you down as they work it out to "Jump" and "Celebration" and break the sound barrier with their theme song, "We Are Family." One sister changed her clothes and blew dry her hair three times at her daughter's festivities. It's tough to have fun like a teenager when you're going through menapause.

Megan's big day will be here before we know it. I sense a need to go shopping for some new dancing shoes.